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Meet Jess & Jeff of Intrigue Photography

Meet Jess & Jeff

If we were to rewind our lives back to late 2011, we’d see an engaged couple feverishly preparing for our wedding. At the time, we knew virtually nothing about photography, and had no idea what we wanted our wedding photos to look like.

As our big day feverishly approached, the planning went into full gear. All the research, planning, meeting with prospective vendors… It all happened at what seemed to be a lightning fast pace. At the time, all we knew was that we didn’t want to be stressed out. We wanted to truly enjoy what would be a once in a lifetime experience.

Let us be blunt now: Our photographer helped make this happen.

He helped so much, not just with his pictures (we truly love the wedding memories he captured), rather with his incredible personality. We learned something really important that day. Personality really matters most.

Honestly, thinking back, it is difficult to recall much of the individual details of the day. Though, we can both totally remember the joy and happiness we felt. The stress melted, and gave way to the beauty of being surrounded by family and friends. How we felt, was unforgettable.

Intrigue Photography exists to provide you with that same peace of mind… To provide you with a deeply passionate and empathetic husband and wife photographer team, each bringing their unique personality to your wedding experience. It doesn’t hurt that we’re freaking awesome artists who excel at bringing your personality out naturally, and provide you with emotionally rich, vibrant, charismatic photos to enjoy for your entire life!

TL;DR Version

TL;DR Version

Jess & Jeff are badass in every way, and I need to have a joyful, stress free wedding day WITH awesome photos! I’m contacting them now by scrolling to the form just below. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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