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As a working professional, there's not much that is more important to you than time. The time you spend with your loved ones is precious, as we all know that life simply passes by too quickly. Between your time with your children, your career, and your much needed relaxation out in nature... There's often little time for anything else.

We know how precious your family is to you. We truly appreciate your desire to have artwork on your walls that proudly makes a statement about who you are! It is our stated purpose to create that art with you. From start to finish, Intrigue Photography will walk you through the process of choosing where you would like to display your photographs, which format would work best for your home, and the best locations to achieve the look that defines you and your family.

Intrigue Photography is a family owned and operated portrait outfit for the family on the go. You enjoy the great outdoors, just as we do. So why not meet up under the canopy of mother nature, and we can make some magic together! What was once a hobby for us has blossomed into an artistic endeavor to bring your family off the computer screen and onto the walls of your home. We are a husband and wife team, and to us there's nothing more important than helping you create an artistic generational legacy. A legacy that will forever encapsulate you and your family as you are right now, captured in a location that personifies who you are as a family. For this reason, our "studio" will be a local park, a state park up north where you go to enjoy some time away from the buzz of the city, or even a national park that offers the grandest of vistas as our backdrop.

Jessica Dobbs
Jessica Dobbs

Lead Photographer - Marketing

Jeffrey Dobbs
Jeffrey Dobbs

Lead Photographer - Web

Anthony Striker
Anthony Striker

Photography Assistant - Photographer

Danielle Duncan
Danielle Duncan

Photography Assitant - Photographer

It's impossible to enjoy life any more, than when you're doing something love!
Here's a few of our "for fun" shots, out in Detroit.


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