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Photography related questions and answers!

If you have questions...

This is the perfect place to find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about us, our services, and the experience we provide. Since our focus is largely weddings, families, and seniors at this stage, you will find that many of these questions are most relevant to those areas of photography. However, we think you will find them helpful for any purpose. This FAQ is intended to provide information not found elsewhere on the website.

How much do your portrait sessions cost? What about your wedding collections?

Portrait Sessions require a $300 Creative Fee (non-refundable) which retains your date on our schedule, and also includes up to Two Hours of session time at a location of your choice, a In Person Reveal & Ordering session in your home or local coffee shop, as well as covers the Photographers' time and artistic talent. Prints and Digital Photos are purchased separately from the Creative Fee during your In Person Reveal & Ordering session. Clients typically invest an average of $1000+ for their Printed Products outside of the Creative Fee. Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Cards are accepted.

Wedding Collections begin at $2600 and require a 30% retainer fee, as well as a signed contract, in order to be booked with Intrigue Photography. Clients typically invest an average of $5000+ for their Wedding Collections and Printed Products. Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Cards are accepted.

"In Person Reveal & Ordering Session"? You don't just give me the digital files?

That is correct! In order to service you better and more thoroughly, we do not deliver digital files to you, unless you buy them from us. There are many reasons for this procedure. The first being this: What will you do with a USB Flash drive full of digital files? Will you simply post the photographs to social media and forget them? Will you order beautiful prints from these digital files when you're already so busy with day to day life? We do not give you a bunch of digital files because we want to save you time and ensure that you don't have to worry about printing them. As such, we show you your photographs, and help you choose the perfect way to display your artwork throughout your home. And we don't stop there! We can even install your artwork for you! That way you are fully taken care of from start to finish.

How long have you been into photography?

We have been doing photography professionally since January 2013. However, Jeff and Jessica have been doing photography as a hobby for most of their lives.

What kind of input can we have on the photos? Can we give you a list?

We invite special requests (example: closeup of Bride, Mom & Grandma, etc) but we won’t be recreating another photographer’s work from Pinterest exactly. We encourage you to send us your favorite Pins from Pineterest, as we will do our own spin on photographs we see there. We do our best to get all of our clients’ requests.

Should we bring props to the photo session?

We are always happy to work with your personal props!

How long do you need the couple alone for creative pictures, in regards to weddings?

We will work with whatever time you give us, but we recommend at least 1 hour. The main reason most clients hire us is for creative pictures of the couple, so please don’t leave just 17 minutes out of your 8 hour package for your special photographs. If you have concerns about your time limits, we can assist you with planning your wedding timeline to ensure you have enough time for Family Formals, Bridal Party Formals, and of course, your lovely Bride & Groom portraits.

Can we hire a wedding planner/coordinator and not think anymore about the schedule of our day?

Of course you can! However, we strongly recommend remaining in contact throughout the whole scheduling process, so you can ensure that we have enough time to work with you alone as mentioned in the question above.

What about the images you don’t send us? Can we have those too?

We do not offer the images that are not sent to you for several reasons. They could be duplicates, they could be mis-shots (IE: focused wrong, flash didn't go off, etc), or a combination of the two. We also do not offer RAW files, as we are the only ones who edit our photographs.

How do you make your photos look like they do?

The camera is a magical thing... Just kidding! The "look" results from our extensive knowledge, experience, creativity and unique post-processing. The blur (known as "bokeh") in some images is a result of a special lens used, and is not added in PhotoShop and therefore cannot be removed.

When & where do we get to see the photos?

After every portrait session and wedding, we take our time editing the best of the best of your photographs. This includes making sure that the colors are as close to natural as possible, that the lighting is perfect, and that everyone is looking where they should be. Once this is done, we will contact you to schedule your "In Person Reveal & Ordering" session. At this session, we will show you your photographs on our laptop in your home or a local coffee shop, and you will be able to choose which products (digital files, and/or printed products) to order. This process usually takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks, although we do try to get them done sooner!

Who will actually take our pictures?

Jessica and Jeff always plan on being at your event. Only in the case of an emergency, would there be a substitution; this has yet to happen.

Do you offer a fun photobooth at wedding receptions?

Currently we do not offer a photobooth. However, it is something we are looking into for the possible future.

Do you offer videography of the wedding ceremony and/or reception?

Currently we do not offer any sort of videography. However, it is something we are looking into for the possible future.

Can we see what previous clients have to say about you?

If you would like to see what some of our clients have to say about us, then please let us know. We will be happy to direct you to our Facebook page, The Knot, or Wedding Wire which is where the bulk of our feedback is.

Can our guests and families (Uncle Joe) take their own photographs of everything during our wedding?

We may stop family, guests or vendors from taking pictures only if they are distracting, interfering with, or holding up the day. However, we strongly recommend having an Unplugged Ceremony.

What is an "Unplugged Ceremony"?

An "Unplugged Ceremony" is where you ask all of your guests to leave their phones in their pockets and their cameras and iPads at home. We are sure that you want your guests mentally present, enjoying the party, and would rather have images of their smiling faces instead of phone-blocked-faces in all your wedding photos. This can also cut down on the unflattering cell phone images of you & your event on social media.

Who owns the copyright to the photos?

The copyright to the photographs are owned exclusively by Intrigue Photography. However, if you purchase the full size digital files, you will own Printing Rights to those digital files. The printing rights gives you the right to print your digital files anywhere, and also, the right to share the photographs to social media websites. Legally, you cannot edit or sell the digital files under any circumstances.

Will you work with same-sex couples?

Absolutely! We have no problem working with anyone, whether or not they are a same-sex couple. We feel every single person on this planet deserves beautiful photographic memories of their big day!

What is required to reserve your services for our wedding date?

Booking a date with us requires signing our contract and paying our retainer fee of 30% of your total package price. Booking with us is also subject to our availability.

How soon should we reserve our date?

ASAP! If we have your date available do not delay. No date is held for anyone, for any length of time, without a signed contract & a paid retainer fee. This is especially important, as we only have a limited amount of dates a year that are held specifically for weddings!

If you don't happen to find your question answered here... That doesn't mean your question is unimportant!
We are here to help you through your process of choosing the perfect photographer for you. Simply get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help!


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