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Heirloom Products

Heirloom Products for your Home!

You will find that having amazing portraits of yourself in your home help to keep your today and tomorrow feeling positive. You'll find waking up in the morning and seeing a portrait of your and your partner gives you a sense of homeliness. Your child will drift off to sleep at night reassured of his or her place in the family, after seeing loving portraits of him or her around your home. When you come home from work, your walls covered in portraits of those who matter most to you, will assure you that the sacrifices you make on a daily basis, is well worth it. Portraits are more than just photographs to be shared on Facebook or other social media outlets. They are there to remind you of the things in life that matter. The people who surround you and love you, and want only your happiness. And when a loved one passes, you will have a priceless and irreplaceable piece of history, to keep you going through your grief.

You'll relive the fun times with Intrigue Photography and your family whenever you view your portraits throughout your home. These are priceless heirlooms that cannot be replaced. That is why we believe in the power of the Print. They are more than just simple decorations on your walls. They are mementos, of moments that have passed through our fingers in a blink of an eye. They show you what is important in life, and let your child or children know their place in the world. With you.

You may think that selecting your portraits that are to be showcased throughout your home will be a gruelling and difficult task. But we assure you, that it can be quite easy with our assistance and our professional guidance. The results will be portraits that naturally fit into your home, and enhance your life for generations to come.

Wall Art

Our Wall Art are big, beautiful, museum grade canvas stretched photographs that showcase your family for the world to see. We will be more than happy to come to your home and take photographs of your walls to show you the exact sizes that will fit perfectly in your living space. You will find that groupings of smaller canvases work better than a large one. Or, if you're a larger than life type of person, then ask us about our largest sizes and we can show you the difference that the larger size will make.

And, because our canvases are museum grade canvases... You will find that they last for generations to come! Our wall art canvases are made to last 100 years. That's right, 100 long years! Your great grandchildren will know who you are, because they will still have your lovely collection of wall art canvases.

Tabletop Collections

Our Tabletop Collections are comprised of smaller prints and beautiful albums. We offer these products because you will be hard pressed to display all of your favorite photographs on your walls alone. Our albums are top of the line and lay flat with thick paper to last being handled multiple times. Our smaller prints are mounted to be handled and displayed in your favorite nook or on your trusty bookshelf.

Another great thing about our Tabletop Collections, is that these products are the perfect gift idea for family members to enjoy as well! You know Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and other family members are just dying to have updated photographs of you and your family. Why not gift them something that is meant to last a lifetime? We can help you find the perfect pieces to match your desire to gift your family a memorable gift!


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