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Our clients are unique individuals who cherish more than the instant gratification that can be found throughout the world today. Our clients desire wedding photographers who want and insist upon doing more. Our clients enjoy the luxury and peace of mind knowing that they have nothing to worry about on their wedding day. And our clients celebrate their marriage daily, with their portraits displayed proudly throughout their home.

Wedding Collections

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event! Enjoy it to it's fullest potential while being able to relive each precious moment afterwards with uncommonly exceptional keepsakes that will stand the test of time, and provide your legacy of love to future generations.

Each and every wedding package we offer includes both Jess & Jeff's professional experience, at your side throughout your big day. We not only artistically document your day, we serve as advisers and confidants to help ensure your day is one that is filled with joy and happiness from start to finish.

We no longer include packages that are less than 8 hours, as we feel you deserve to relive the entire story of your day. Our experience has shown us that less than 8 hours doesn't adequately allow for a premier experience.

Wedding Collections Start At - 4000

Engagement & Portrait Sessions Start At - 300