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Intrigue Photography's
Michigan Portrait Adventures

“It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,
You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to."
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Our idea...

Our state is such an amazing place of beauty and variety. If you set out on an adventure, there really is no telling what kind of gorgeous scene you might find yourself soaking in at the end of your journey.

We simply cherish all of the beauty throughout Michigan. From the Upper Peninsula, on down to Detroit, we love it all! It is this love which has led us to this point... an idea that gives us an opportunity to share two activities that we love the most.

The natural beauty of Michigan and photography go together in the most natural way. Our escape from daily life, like you, is to escape into the grand freedom that only mother nature and Michigan's unique cities can offer. Our peace comes when we artistically capture a moment in time at any particular place we stop to enjoy. Which led us to this...

Here's what we have in mind, and there are two approaches. There's no better time than say, a vacation to encapsulate a happy moment in time. Our first offer to you, is to let us take you on a tour of an area that we are familiar with. We guide you on your adventure, and capture both candid and posed portraits of you and yours as you enjoy your time together. The other approach would be for us to come along with you to an area we haven't yet experienced. It could be a place you are familiar with, or an entirely new experience for everyone. We would still capture the same candid moments while stopping at times to set up a more formal portrait of you and your loved ones.

With both scenarios listed above, you get to cherish your memories. Documented professionally and, with love. A love for creating art with awesome people, in the most beautiful spots in our state.

Since each adventure is as unique as you and your loved ones are, please get in touch with us today so we can personalize a custom price for your very own adventure! Anyone is welcome to get in touch, couples, families, and even groups of friends.

A beautiful portrait of Munising Falls by Jessica Dobbs

Choose a location!

The first stage in our adventure is to choose a location or locations for our journey together. It could be somewhere that is special to you and your family or, it could be a beautiful destination that you've never had the opportunity to explore.

We have visited many of the beautiful spots around Michigan. If your desired destination happens to be a place we are familiar with, we would be happy to be your tour-guides as well as your photographers for our time together. Like you, we're also game to stop and check out fresh, new destinations. It could be a place that you go to often, or as we mentioned above, a place that neither of us have yet had the opportunity to visit. We simply love seeing all that there is to see, even if it is a location we've been to several times before.

Decide on a portrait collection!

The way we operate on this is based on time. This offer is open to the entire state of Michigan. Our collections start at two hours, and can go up to 10 (on a single day). Though, most of our friends who book, decide that at least six hours is best.

Most of those who book the tour option book for six hours because this amount of time typically allows us to either share more than one location with you, or gives us an opportunity for an extended experience at one location. Regardless of your choice, this adventure is yours, and we want you to go with whichever package you prefer most. The will be happy to be a co-adventurer with you!

Be sure to give us a call to discuss our collections and other fantastic Heirloom Keepsake options!

Mosquito Falls Trailhead
Colorful spring foliage

Book your date!

This step is pretty straightforward. We work to choose a date to meet up, and then embark on our photo tour together! Depending on the time of year, you may want to plan well ahead. Especially if you'd like to go on a colorful fall adventure. As you might imagine for outdoor photographers, our Fall experience is much busier than any other time of the year. Springtime, is a close second as the colors are more lush and varied.

If you are curious to know if will we book during the week... The answer is a resounding yes! Honestly, it's the best time to do these adventures, for a few reasons. The first big reason is that most destinations tend to be much less populated during the weekdays. On weekends, a proliferation of weekend road trips begins here in Michigan, and you'll find many more visitors to our state's most notable spots. The other big reason we highly recommend weekday trips is due to our schedule. We are much more likely to be busy at a wedding on a weekend, and we'd hate to have you miss out on the adventure of a lifetime simply because we were busy!

You may be wondering, "What do I need to do to book my preferred date with you?" After selecting the perfect collection for your Portrait Adventure, you will need to pay 50% of the collection total to us in order to reserve your date. The rest of your balance would be due at the end of your adventure with us.

We enjoy Michigan together!

This step is the most fun. It is the day of our adventure! You can show up in your hiking gear or you can dress up a little. It all depends on what kind of adventure we are having together.

If you'd like us to accompany you on a longer hiking trip, your photos will reflect the atmosphere of the adventure. On the converse, if you are to choose a more "roadside" adventure (like a Munising Michigan waterfall tour), you will allow yourself the opportunity to be able to have a less 'hiker' look. Of course, if you go on a city adventure, your wardrobe choice is entirely up to you! We will gladly offer tips based on what type of artwork you would like for your walls, and also the location you prefer.

Jess & Jeff at Munising Falls
Intrigue Photography offers In Person Reveal & Ordering Sessions to assist you with finding the perfect artwork to fit YOUR walls!

The Reveal & Ordering Appointment!

The last stage of our portrait adventure will be the big reveal and ordering session. We will meet up (preferably at your home) and relive our adventure together! This will be where we laugh at the silly faces your children made, or the time when the dog went into the river. We will go over your physical 4x6 printed proofs with you to ensure that everything is as perfect as you remember it being.

It is at this point where we will show you each and every portrait, allow you to feel these precious memories in the palm of your hands, and enjoy the memories we created together that day. This is also your opportunity to order your favorites to proudly display around your home, or to share with family!


We are often posting about our photographic adventures (both personal and professional) on the following social media sites. If you'd like to see what we've been up to lately, this is the place to find out!

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