This is
Our Why

We feel it is such a special honor to have the pleasure of forever preserving the raw,
and unmitigated love of a young couple for future generations,
so that decades from the here and now...

...our clients of today have become grandparents
and their grandchild has just been engaged, they will
open their grandmother's wedding album and,
page by page...

Heirloom Keepsakes are a fantastic way to preserve your precious memories for generations to come.

Look at the love between these two! We want you to show us how much you love each other too!

...that young bride-to-be will be able to take in,
for her very own eyes, the unbridled joy and vibrant
happiness coming to life on the pages before her,
then she'd realize...

...just how much her grandparents simply adored
one another and that their legacy of love will be
carried on by her and that she too will send her
own legacy of love to the generations of the future,

First Looks are so emotional. We simply love the tender moments like these!

If you had us as your wedding photographers, you would be smiling just as much as this lovely couple is! see, this is our belief; that one family's legacy
of love, handed down from one generation to the next,
has the ability to shape marriages and, from that,
mold family trees and from there, one couple at a time,
impact our world...

...we realized that within our families,
including our parents, grandparents, and further down
the line, there is a legacy of love going back
over a century, and we cherish the sentiment that,
who we are is because of this legacy...

Have you ever bust out laughing because of a photographer? No? Then you should definitely give us a call...

Jeff and Jess Dobbs posing for their camera at Hocking Hills, OH. They are the dream team for your wedding photography needs.

because we want you to be able to pass this legacy
to your children and grandchildren too.

Our Mission

At Intrigue Photography, our mission is to get more people connecting with nature, enjoying carefree and fun moments with loved ones, while simultaneously enriching their self-worth. We desire to encapsulate those fleeting moments and warm feelings professionally and artistically, so our clients can always look back on those precious memories with physical heirloom keepsakes that truly last several lifetimes.

Meet the Lovers Behind the Cameras
Jeff & Jess Dobbs

First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes collie puppies in a pet carriage?!
Read below to learn more about your new best friends.

We're both super silly in our own ways.

Silly selfie for the win!

Yes, we truly did meet on World of Warcraft... Screenshot or it didn't happen!

We met on World of Warcraft.

We both LOVE coffee.

My coffee beans brings Jeff to the yard...

Ever been to Colorado? We have. You should go!

Hiking in nature is the best thing ever.

Our collies are our babies, 100%.

Duncan and Anoush love the woods just as much as we do!

Best friends forever!

Nothing beats loving your best friend.