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Jessica Dobbs
Jessica Dobbs

Co-owner and one of the two Lead Photographers of Intrigue Photography, Jessica is a laid back woman who enjoys having a good time and hiking through the woods. She has fallen in love with Photography over the years, and one of her biggest inspirations to delve into the world of photography, is her late Grandmother who also dabbled in photography. Jessica enjoys capturing all aspects of life, whether it's wildlife, human life, or plant life; she enjoys it all. Her passion for photography intertwines with her husbands' passion. She is usually the "director" of large group functions, putting her talents from her JROTC Drill days to good use. Jessica says, "I love photography, and everything to do with it. I am an emotional person, and I connect so much with our Clients and Nature, that I feel I must capture as many memories as I can." She also states, "If I could do photography for free, I would. I cry at every wedding, although people don't see it, as I'm hiding behind my camera. I love to travel, I love to meet new people, and I love seeing the happiness that my photos brings to people. This is what life is all about to me. Love, Life, and Happiness." She currently shoots with her Nikon D750 and multiple prime lenses, as well as her Nikon D5500.

Jeffrey Dobbs
Jeffrey Dobbs

Jeff's interest in photography goes back to when his grandmother first showed him how to use her old film Minolta SLR. It was while on vacation in the Grand Traverse area in Northern Michigan, and from there the fascination for photography took root. However, it was not until Jess bought him his first digital SLR as a wedding gift, did he really start tapping into his interest in photography with a passion. Ever since that day, photography has become a constant state of practice, experimentation, and a yearning to learn more for him. Jeff's favorite part of photography is the ability to forever capture one single moment in time. "To be able to artistically freeze one fleeting moment... to forever create a documentation what was going on in yours, or a clients life, is just an incomparable feeling." He says... "And to be able to do something I love, professionally, is a gift." While on a photoshoot, you'll find that Jeff is more the observer and the "lighting guy" as he terms it. While Jess is setting the clients up, he's always looking for angles, scenes, and backdrops for the shoots. It's really a perfect compliment to Jess' ability to lead. He currently shoots with a Canon 7D II and a Canon 6D with various zoom and prime lenses.

Anthony Striker
Anthony Striker

Anthony has been with Intrigue Photography since October 2015, working as an assistant photographer. Aside from Photography, Anthony enjoys singing, reading books, cooking, and socializing with friends. He enjoys meeting new people and feels that that is one of the biggest perks working for Intrigue Photography offers him. He says, "Working with Intrigue Photography is invigorating, and although I am Jessica's brother, I receive no special treatment nor do I get any sugar-coating on critiques of my work, which makes me feel that I am becoming a better photographer. I really appreciate the opportunity that my sister and brother-in-law have offered me. Photography," he says, "has always caught my intrigue (chuckles) in many forms throughout my life. It has shown me exotic worlds, grand celebrations, sorrowful moments, and deep intimacy. Photographs can hold many stories, and like older (yet just as intricate) art forms, many people interpret it in their own way."

Danielle Duncan
Danielle Duncan

Danielle has been working with Intrigue Photography since the beginning of the 2015 wedding season. Although she is but a Junior in high school, she is a very hard working girl, and quite motivated to work with us and learn more about photography. She is enthralled with the fact that photography "is the idea that you can capture millions of different ideas and place them into a single photograph." She also states, "There is no 'perfect photo', which makes exploring and capturing different types of photographs, in different locations and settings, all the more exciting!" After being asked how she feels about working with Intrigue Photography, she responded, "Working with Intrigue Photography is extremely interesting. Not only do I get to witness the beauty in every type of photo shoot, but I also witness the never ending love between families."

It's impossible to enjoy life any more, than when you're doing something love!
Here's a few of our "for fun" shots, out in Detroit.


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