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Investment Information

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography
A Hands-off approach for TRUE smiles!

Wedding Photography Investment Information

One of the most important decisions you will make while planning your wedding, is whom to trust to document your day. We know and understand that your biggest priority is preserving your wedding day memories for generations to come. That's why Intrigue Photography doesn't take this huge responsibility lightly. We pride ourselves in documenting your day without our presence interfering too much. We take it upon ourselves to capture moments of your day, as they happen. You may think a hands-off approach to wedding photography is a bit strange, but it has worked well for us. We capture real moments, and preserve real memories.
We believe in building relationships with our clients that last well past the wedding day. We hope that after working with us, you will feel as though we are a part of your family. Many of our clients return to us years after their wedding, and it is such a joy to be able to see their love and their families grow. You may be asking now, "What does this have to do with Wedding pricing information?" Well, we are happy you asked!
Our Wedding Photography Investment, is just that... An investment. It is an investment in printed artwork to proudly display throughout your home. It is an investment in sharing intimate moments that will be long passed to future generations of your family. It is more than having us clicking a button on a camera and handing off a USB Flash Drive to leave you to finish the wedding photography process on your own. No, we believe in sharing this experience with you fully, from start to finish. We will be with you throughout every step of your wedding process, from Booking to Delivering your finished artwork, and even installing it in your home!
Wedding Collections begin at $2600 and require a 30% retainer fee and a signed contract, in order to be booked with Intrigue Photography. Clients typically invest an average of $5000+ for their Wedding Collections and Printed Products. We only photograph 20 weddings a year max, so contact us to book your wedding with us! Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Cards are accepted. All purchases are subject to 6% sales tax.

A Quick View of the Wedding Day in Progress

Michigan Wedding Photography Investment

Getting Ready for your Big Day!

At this stage of your big day, the excitement and anticipation tends to be at their highest! It is the photographer's job here to capture the little moments. These little moments pass by in a blur because of the heightened excitement, and sometimes these are the images you will cherish the most, as they bring back the moments you may not remember down the road.

The pictures we take while everyone is preparing, also give the bride and groom a unique insight into seeing what their "better half" was doing at the same time. We love being there to photograph these moments for you! It gives us an opportunity to get even more comfortable with each-other, and we thoroughly enjoy the fun aspects of seeing you with your friends and family in this great time of your day.

Bride & Groom Portraits

For more traditional minded couples who prefer not to see each-other prior to the ceremony, the bride and groom portraits are generally photographed directly after the ceremony. However, more and more these days, couples are wanting to spend a good amount of time and thought on their portraits together without worrying about needing to hurry off to the reception. Whichever best describes you, this is the photographers opportunity to shine and to capture you and your significant other at your best!

If you're thinking about having a "first look", you will find that some incredibly romantic ideas can be done with this concept. Or, if you are just wanting to have your photographer take some heartfelt portraits without the first look, we can do that too! Let us know some of your favorite locations. Perhaps these would make a beautiful venue for your bridal portraits. We'd be happy to share our input and ideas for locations as well.

Michigan Wedding Photography Investment
Michigan Wedding Photography Investment

Bridal Party Portraits

Your bridal party is comprised of your very closest friends and family. You are going to want us to get some great images of everyone together, and sometimes, we've found that couples like to also have images of each pairing separately. Whatever you desire for your bridal party portraits, it is completely our pleasure to accommodate your wishes!

In our experience, we've found some different factors which will shape just how we go about photographing you and your wedding party: Your group's collective personality and the location of where we'll be taking the photos will be the primary factors driving our artistic process here. If the photos are to be taken at the church, you will definitely find that the photographic end result will be quite traditional. If you're getting married at a location other than a church (which is also rather common these days), then we have a bit more creative latitude here. Outdoor locations are the most flexible, as we have just to change the orientation of the group in order to get a different "backdrop". We are happy to photograph you in any locale!

The Family Formals

Generally taken right after the ceremony, your family formals will include all of your closest family and friends. These are generally arranged in a more traditional format, and sometimes yield quite entertaining results... Because, you know, there's always at least one "clown" in the bunch. How you'd like us to shape your family portraits is entirely up to you! Tell us what you want, and we'll arrange the rest.

The formal portraits of your family are the memories for you and and for everyone who will be in them. There may be relatives there you don't see very often and they'll always be filled by loved ones, so you're going to want to be sure that these are captured efficiently and skillfully so that everyone gets a chance to pose with the new husband and wife. If you book with us, you'll see that we address the family formals specifically in our pre-wedding photography questionnaire. We do this because we know how important these are!

Michigan Wedding Photography Investment
Michigan Wedding Photography Investment

The Wedding Ceremony

We've seen ceremonies in a whole lot of different locations. Anywhere from the standard church, all the way to a state or city park. Whichever venue you choose, you're going to want to be confident that your photographer is adept at handling the rigorous challenges presented by whichever setting you choose. As photographers, we are experienced and knowledgeable in low light, and in bright "high-noon" sunlight. You can't always choose what light you are going to have, so you want an experienced professional there to be sure you have your precious wedding ceremony moments frozen in time.

The ceremony is a time of fleeting moments. The vows, the exchange of rings, the first kiss, and the presentation as husband and wife. It all goes by so fast! We will both be there to make sure not a single second is missed.

Time to PARTY!! Your Wedding Reception

Let the fun begin! Now is the time for you to eat, dance, mingle, and have a great time with your guests. It's our time to practice our expertise in candid documentary style photography. We'll be sure to get shots of all the finer details... The cake, the decorations, any special affects you may have brought in, and the entire layout.

Once the actual action gets started and everyone is in place, we'll be perusing around and getting shots of your guests. We'll also be sure that we're ready to catch your first dance together, the bride/father & groom/mother dances, the garter & bouquet toss, and just the general merriment that goes along with each and every reception. This is truly the time of having fun! Sometimes we have to wonder if we enjoy it more than you do!

Michigan Wedding Photography Investment
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