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Historic, Timeless, and even Rustic are a few illustrative words which we feel perfectly describe this Metro Detroit wedding & reception venue. Here you will find an incredibly picturesque causeway, bordered by trees for your outdoor wedding ceremony, and a true piece of American history for you and your guests to enjoy for your indoor reception. You’re in the right place to find out all you need to know about the Packard Proving Grounds as your wedding venue location.

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Some History Behind the Packard Proving Grounds

Located North of Detroit, in Shelby Township, the Packard Proving Grounds have a storied history with one of the more notable names in Detroit’s architectural history connected to it’s development. That name would be Albert Kahn. Kahn and his firm were behind the development of many of the Detroit area’s most famous buildings, factories, and homes (over 400) during it’s rise to prominence in the early 1900’s. He was chosen by Henry Joy of Packard Motors in 1903 to facilitate the design of the Proving Grounds.

The beginning of the Packard Company infrastructure was developed quickly. Using traditional techniques of the time, the initial factories used by the company were built in approximately 3 months time. The Packard Motor Company started using them in late September of 1903. Subsequent buildings built for them, particularly these proving grounds, used the new technique of employing metal “rebar” inside the concrete to reinforce it’s construction and design much less constrictive styles which allowed for more open space and larger windows. The results of using this technique provides some of the most endearing features, enjoyed to this day on this historic site.

Packard Proving Grounds Reception Area Accommodation

The primary location used for receptions, would be The Repair Garage. This space affords approximately 6400 square feet of usable space. The amount of guests you will be able to accommodate here is capped at 296 people for seated meals.

If you don’t plan on having that many guests, the curators of the Proving Grounds can help fill the space with some of the classic Packards they have on location for display, and invariably, conversation pieces for your guests.

If you are a fan of Michigan’s automotive history, this is probably one of the first venues you should look into.

A Note About Wedding Ceremonies

Should your wedding day include an outdoor ceremony, you know (as does every Michigander), that weather can be somewhat… unpredictable. In cases of inclement weather, your ceremony can be moved indoors to the Lodge Garage. Our personal favorite spot for the ceremony is the tree-lined boulevard mentioned earlier in this post. However, the 17 acre site and their staff do allow for much flexibility in this regard. You can choose nearly any location for your nuptials on their premises.

Cost Considerations for Your Packard Wedding

If you do plan on having your day here, you will need to know that they do not have the capacity to prepare meals for you. So, you will need to explore catering options. For the weddings we have done here, the service of a wedding planner has been invaluable to our clients. Kristen of Forever Memories, in particular, we can highly recommend.

The base cost for a wedding on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday here in 2020 starts at $5000 for six hours and $300 for additional hours. If your wedding is planned for 2021, the price will be $6000 for six hours and still $300 for each additional hour. The only stipulation they have on time, is that the event is finished by 11:30pm. Should you be planning a wedding in 2022 and beyond… You will want to get in touch with them for specifics. (Pricing current as of 06/09/2020.)

Other Particulars You May Need to Consider for Your Packard Wedding

As we mentioned in the preceding section, the staff at the Packard Proving Grounds are not able to accommodate catering. Since the facility is managed largely by volunteers, most of the detail work will need to be handled by yourself or your wedding planner. This is to include seating, decoration, flowers, and things of this nature. This is fairly common for venues in the area that are not “one stop shopping” type places. However, we feel the little extra legwork you will need to do is very little when you consider the truly picturesque, unique, and historic nature of this venue. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience, and have incredible pictures to tell your love story in a one of a kind setting.

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